Simple. Frugal. Basic.


This account (@simplefrugalbasic) has changed how I shop. I was very intimidated to enter the world of coupons and price matching (I had no idea what to expect). Jesi has made this simple and fun. Her simple and basic approach to things is easy to follow and understand. I've even got my husband on board! 100% would recommend.


I love love love following Simple Frugal Basic! Her grocery hauls show me the best deals that week - got toilet paper for $2.98 one week!! She also has lots of great ideas for how to run a household smoothly which has inspired me to get more organized (frugally of course haha).

N. Campbell

Thanks to you I have pulled out my grocery book and really got back to flyers and couponing. I stopped when my daughter was born. I became a sahm I didn't pick it up and just shopped weekly. I missed it all and forgot how much I loved it.